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SJSemi and Qualcomm Jointly Announce Mass Production of 14nm Wafer Bumping Technology

JIANGYIN, China, July 28, 2016 -- SJ Semiconductor Corp. (SJSemi) and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), jointly announced that SJSemi has begun mass production of 14nm wafer bumping for Qualcomm Technologies. In the wake of 28nm wafer bumping mass production, and with further improvement of its processing techniques and capabilities, SJSemi has become China's first semiconductor company to enter the industrial chain with 14nm advanced process node mass production. Mass production of the 14nm wafer bumping in China is part of Qualcomm Technologies' efforts to continuously drive the development of the Chinese integrated circuit industry, and it further reinforces Qualcomm Technologies' commitment to China through industrial chain optimization, localized services, and superior offers to Chinese customers.

Founded in August 2014, SJSemi is a joint venture between Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC) and Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd (JCET). In December 2015, Qualcomm Global Trading Pte Ltd., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, participated in an additional investment in SJSemi. SJSemi realized mass production of the 28nm wafer bumping in early 2016, within two years of its inception, and it now ships 12-inch wafers in high volume every month. SJSemi has sharpened its unique competitive edge in 28nm bumping technology by achieving not only a first-class yield rate but also industry-leading key technical indicators such as contact resistance control over high-density copper pillar bumping. SJSemi will continue to expand the capacity of its 12-inch wafer bumping line, securing the supply chain for its customers. Currently, SJSemi has reached the production capacity of bumping 20,000 12-inch wafers per month.

"We are grateful to Qualcomm Technologies for its consistent support. With its assistance, we have managed to set up an advanced 12-inch bumping line with stable and efficient production to offer mass production services to our customers," said Mr. Dong Cui, Chief Executive Officer of SJSemi. "The mass production of our 14nm wafer bumping technology is in recognition of our capabilities and strengths, and indicates our ability to offer comprehensive services to first-class global customers like Qualcomm Technologies. We expect to continuously keep pace with customer demand, further improve our technical capability, enrich our process methods, and boost our added value to the industrial chain."

"The 14nm bumping production from SJSemi is very important to Qualcomm Technologies and has begun mass production, which demonstrates SJSemi's world-class manufacturing capabilities in leading-edge bumping process technology," said Dr. Roawen Chen, Senior Vice President, QCT global operations, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. "We are pleased to work with SJSemi to expand our semiconductor supply chain footprint in China, which further shows our commitment to support China's local IC manufacturing and better serve our Chinese customers."