Newsight Imaging, an Israeli Start-up secures Chinese seed investment with the assistance of Tel Aviv-based Chinese-Israeli company Vadi Ventures

As China advances towards it’s goal of becoming a global chip superpower, chip technology continues to surge in China and is now topping the list of imported products, totaling approximately $200 billion annually and surpassing even the country’s surging oil imports.

China’s strategic goal is to become a major player in the global chip industry and be less dependent on foreign technologies. The Chinese government recently announced that by 2025 the majority of global chip manufacturing will be made locally. Until then, it will invest in foreign chip companies, trying to study the technology and bring it home.

Innovative Israeli technology is the primary reason that almost every leading global chip company operates large R&D centers in Israel. Coupled with an established local industry, the chip technology market in Israel is very developed. Despite the recent chip market volatility, Israeli startup Newsight Imaging succeeded in raising funds from Chinese investors -with the assistance of Vadi Ventures, which promotes Chinese investments in Israel.

This opportunity was created during the China-Israel High-Tech Investment Forum, which was held in Israel in June 2016. Following Newsight's request, Mr. Edwards You Lyu, CEO & Co-founder of Vadi Ventures, agreed to join Newsight's advisory board.

About NewSight Imaging
Newsight Imaging is an Israeli Startup, founded by two Israelis veterans in the semiconductor industry: Eli Assoolin and Eyal Yatskan. The company develops CMOS Image sensors chips for two main market segments: Laser lidar sensors, and Spectral analysis devices for industrial and medical applications.

Utilizing Newsight’s in-depth expertise together with superior manufacturing technology offered by its partners, the company designs ultra sensitive, integrated products for its customer base. In parallel with Newsight's R&D efforts to fulfill it’s first customer orders and continue hiring core personnel at it’s new HQ in the Ness Ziona Science Park, the company is attracting potential investors to raise additional funding and increase its customer base.

Vadi is a Chinese-Israeli company aimed at supporting Chinese investors and entrepreneurs making their first steps within the high-paced, dynamic Israeli business and technology industries. Vadi specializes in assisting investors with the challenges in the Israeli business market such as language and cultural barriers, local bureaucracy and networking.

Vadi is results-driven and puts its emphasis on mentoring its customers from start to finish: driving new ideas from inception through development to successful and on-time release. Vadi was created due to the growing need for collaboration between the Chinese and the Israeli markets and boasts a wide network of investors and partners in the USA and China. Vadi has strong, well-established ties in the Chinese and American markets which allows its customers to network, search for new business opportunities and find the right partner for investment and growth.