Pliops Demonstrates Storage Processor at Flash Memory Summit

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 06, 2019 - Start your (storage) engines: The accelerated data center is getting closer to becoming a reality. This week at the Flash Memory Summit (FMS), technology innovator Pliops will be on hand to conduct the first public demonstration of its new, patent-pending technology that accelerates database storage functions. The Pliops Storage Processor enables cloud and enterprise customers to offload and accelerate data-intensive workloads using just a fraction of the computational load and power consumption. Live demonstrations of the Pliops Storage Processor accelerating MySQL1 will take place in partner booths (Xilinx, #313 and WDC, #207) on the show floor. Pliops will demonstrate technology accelerating storage engine performance per core by over 60x. In the first application of this foundational technology, MySQL transactional performance is increased by 7x and the flash storage required is reduced by up to 50% over MySQL compression.

Focused on making databases run faster and more efficiently, Pliops has created a new architecture that overcomes the major inefficiencies of software-only storage engines via a dedicated hardware product. Pliops' solution solves the scalability challenges raised by the cloud data explosion and the increasing data requirements of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. The company is on a mission to enable the accelerated data center, and is joined in pursuing this vision by investors Softbank Ventures Asia, Intel Capital, Western Digital, Xilinx, and Mellanox.

Additionally, Pliops’ Vice President of Product Mark Mokryn will deliver a presentation titled, “The Coming Revolution in Storage Processors for Application Acceleration.” Part of the FMS Technical Sessions, Mokryn’s presentation will take place Wednesday, August 7, 2019 at 3:20 p.m.

“Accelerated data centers, where dedicated hardware engines will run data-intensive workloads, are the best long-term solution to the problems caused by skyrocketing data volumes and slowing compute performance growth,” noted Steve Fingerhut, president and chief business officer for Pliops. “While the industry attempts to address this challenge by adapting existing technologies, we’re taking an entirely different approach. We started with a clean slate and created a new architecture and data structure that redefines the storage primitive – and enables a whole new world of compute.”