TowerJazz and Aledia Enter into Process Development Partnership Agreement for Cutting-Edge Nanowire-LED Technology

MIGDAL HAEMEK, Israel, and GRENOBLE, France, December 19, 2019 – TowerJazz, the global specialty foundry leader, and Aledia, a developer and manufacturer of next-generation 3D LEDs for display applications based on its gallium-nitride-nanowires-on-silicon platform, today announced their process development partnership to bring Aledia’s novel nanowire-LED technology into commercialized volume production. This development is based on Aledia’s IP and utilizes TowerJazz’s unique and highly experienced Transfer Optimization and Development Process Services (TOPS). Financed by Intel Capital among others, Aledia's nanowire-LED display technology offers breakthrough solutions for the global display market’s constant growing demand.

“We are very excited to take our technology into its industrialization phase. We chose TowerJazz due to its vast expertise in the field of process development, its high quality and extensive production capabilities, well serving our long-term production roadmap”, said Giorgio Anania, Aledia’s CEO.

“We are looking forward to proceed toward successful collaboration”. Aledia’s 3D LED novel technology enables high brightness (x1000 of today’s average screen), high resolution, low power, and cost effective displays, all of which are key parameters in a variety of today’s and future mobile display applications including laptops, tablets, mobile phones, augmented / virtual
reality (AR/VR), and smart watches among others. With an ever-growing rate of consumers using their mobile screens in their daily lives, this market carries an enormous potential growth rate.

TowerJazz’s advanced TOPS services enables and facilitates quick transfer and manufacturability of Aledia’s technology. The Company’s global manufacturing capabilities, offering both 200mm and 300mm options, provide various advantages for volume production in scalable wafer sizes which enhance its cost competitiveness, capacity assurance, as well as future roadmap alignment.

“We are very proud to have partnered with Aledia’s team of experts to bring their innovative technology into production phase. This technology provides significant differentiators addressing all the main feature requirements of the uLED displays market and holds profound potential growth for both companies”, said Dani Ashkenazi, Vice President and General Manager of Transfer, Optimization and Development Process Services Business Unit (TOPS). “Bringing Aledia’s solutions into volume production is a major step in establishing its role as a leading provider of next-generation display panel technology and we have great confidence in their success”.