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Flex Logix EFLX 1K eFPGA Core Design Kits Available Now for TSMC 40nm ULP & LP Process Technologies

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - January 27, 2020 - Flex Logix® Technologies, Inc., the leading supplier of embedded FPGA (eFPGA) IP, architecture and software, announced today a new EFLX® eFPGA core optimized for the needs of customers on TSMC 40nm Ultra Low Power (ULP) and 40nm Low Power (LP) process technologies. The EFLX 1K is designed to bring reprogrammable hardware acceleration to a wide variety of applications from battery-powered IoT devices, microcontrollers and mixed signal devices for data conversion and signal processing.

“Many customers choose 40nm process technology for low cost and power management,” said Geoff Tate, CEO and cofounder of Flex Logix. “The EFLX 1K now in design on TSMC 40nm ULP and 40nm LP processes will provide flexibility and acceleration for these customers by incorporating power management circuitry to enable very low standby power when not in operation. Customers already have committed designs to use the EFLX 1K.”

Using a cut-down version and the same software of the proven EFLX 4K, the EFLX 1K Logic core has 368 inputs and 368 outputs with 900 LUT4 equivalent logic capacity. The EFLX 1K DSP core has the same number of inputs/outputs but replaces some of the LUTs with DSPs: 10 DSP MACs, pipeline in blocks of 5, with 650 LUT4 equivalent logic capacity. The EFLX1K on TSMC 40nm ULP process will be silicon verified in Q3.

The EFLX 1K Logic and DSP cores can be mixed interchangeably in arrays up to at least 4x4 in size.

A target product brief is available at www.flex-logix.com/efpga.