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Flex Logix Announces EFLX eFPGA Emulation Models For The Cadence Palladium Z1 Platform

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., July 13, 2020 - Flex Logix® Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of embedded FPGA (eFPGA) and AI Inference IP, architecture and software, today announced the availability of EFLX® eFPGA IP emulation models for use on the Cadence Palladium® Z1 Enterprise Emulation Platform, the industry's first data center-class emulation system. The models allow EFLX customers to utilize the Palladium Z1 platform's ability to accelerate the verification of SoCs, subsystems and IP blocks as well as system-level validation.

"Given the skyrocketing costs of designing SoCs today, it is imperative that designers have a full verification platform to test their designs well ahead silicon availability," said Geoff Tate, CEO and co-founder of Flex Logix. "The ability to catch and fix issues early in the cycle can save significant dollars in development costs and eliminate costly product delays by ensuring the design is done right the first time."

"The availability of EFLX eFPGA IP models for the Palladium Z1 platform allows our joint customers to tape out silicon with high confidence," said Paul Cunningham, corporate vice president and general manager of the System & Verification Group at Cadence. "With growing SoC design verification challenges, it's important to have IP and tools that can adapt to the task at hand. Using the EFLX emulation IP models, combined with the Palladium Z1 platform, customers can minimize risk and improve verification throughput for advanced designs."

Flex Logix, with Cadence's support, is already engaged in supporting mutual customers with EFLX emulation on the Palladium Z1 platform. Other customers who are interested can contact Flex Logix regarding licensing the EFLX emulation model for the Palladium Z1 platform.