Weebit Nano files two new patents for improved selector of embedded ReRAM products

16 July 2020 – Weebit Nano (ASX: WBT), the next generation memory technology for the global semiconductor industry, has filed two new patents to further protect the intellectual property of its silicon oxide (SiOx) ReRAM technology.

Weebit’s latest patents define a novel selector suitable for embedded ReRAM memory applications using standard Silicon On Insulator (SOI) low-voltage transistors. These transistors offer superior scalability compared to the single, and much larger, high-voltage transistors currently being used as a selector in embedded ReRAM arrays. The use of SOI transistors dramatically decreases the size of the selector, enabling production of smaller, lower-cost embedded memory modules.

Coby Hanoch, CEO of Weebit Nano, said: “Weebit is constantly looking for ways to enhance its next-generation ReRAM memory technology as it nears productisation. Reducing the memory cell size has been a key area of focus for the Company, as a smaller memory array lowers the cost of production and makes it more attractive to potential customers. Analysis of production fabs shows that many leading fabs use SOI wafers, further justifying the transition to low-voltage transistors.”

This patent complements the six patents filed by Weebit Nano last year, five of which were joint patents filed together with its partner, Leti.

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