Nova Expands Adoption of ELIPSON for Advanced Memory Devices

REHOVOT, Israel, Sept. 30, 2021 - Nova (NASDAQ: NVMI) announced today that a leading global integrated circuits (IC) manufacturer recently ordered an additional ELIPSON platform for high-volume manufacturing of advanced memory devices.

Nova's ELIPSON platform is already being utilized through the R&D stages and following its successful contribution to device development, the leading manufacturer has decided to implement the solution in its production lines. The platform was chosen due to its ability to utilize advanced Raman Spectroscopy technology to extract material properties of complex in-die structures by fast and non-destructive means.

Nova's ELIPSON solution was evaluated now by numerous IC manufacturers in different segments and proved successfully its ability to solve a wide range of materials applications, including key applications in DRAM, Logic and NAND.

"This increasing adoption by one of the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers proves the value of Nova's innovative materials metrology portfolio," stated Mr. Eitan Oppenhaim, Nova's president and CEO. "The next generation of semiconductors requires a different breed of solutions addressing new complex challenges beyond critical dimensions and Nova is well positioned to lead in this market. We are encouraged by our customers' reactions to our new Raman solution, which is supporting our strategic goal to establish the materials metrology portfolio as one of our key growth engines in 2022."