Global Logic Manufacturer Selects Nova's Latest Materials Metrology Platform

REHOVOT, Israel, Oct. 12, 2021 - Nova (Nasdaq: NVMI) announced today that a leading multinational logic manufacturer recently selected the Nova VERAFLEX IV for its next-generation IC development. The Company expects that global growth in the manufacturer's production capacity and the transition to advanced nodes will spur worldwide implementation of Nova's materials metrology platform.

Nova VERAFLEX® IV, the industry standard for non-destructive X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, was selected due to its unique value in materials and thin-film measurements for advanced process control. The unique combination of proprietary hardware and advanced software enables Nova VERAFLEX® IV to measure the most complex 3D logic devices, which combine new architectures with new innovative materials compositions. Designed to address the challenging metrology requirements, precise sub-angstrom thickness and composition measurements can now be resolved inline and closer to the process.

"Since its launch in 2021, the latest generation of the VERAFLEX® platform is gaining increasing traction across customers and segments," stated Mr. Eitan Oppenhaim, Nova's president and CEO. "This major selection by one of the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers serves as further evidence of our innovative leadership and evolving position in the growing segment of materials engineering for advanced 3D devices."