Valens Partners with LG Innotek (LGIT) to Bring MIPI A-PHY-Compliant SiP Modules to Market

HOD HASHARON, Israel, Nov. 9, 2021 - Valens Semiconductor (NYSE: VLN), a premier provider of high-speed connectivity solutions for the audio-video and automotive markets, today announced that it has entered into a partnership with LG Innotek (KRX: 011070) to supply system-in-package modules for MIPI A-PHY compliant chipsets.
A-PHY is a long-reach serializer-deserializer (SerDes) physical layer interface for multi-gig automotive applications. It was released by the MIPI Alliance in September 2020 as a standard seeking to simplify the integration of cameras, sensors and displays in vehicles, while also incorporating functional safety and security. After Valens taped out its VA70XX chipset family, LGIT's modules will be a second source of A-PHY set to be integrated into automotive Tier 1s and OEM systems.

LGIT and Valens signed a memorandum of understanding to develop A-PHY-compliant products last year. The two companies have since been working closely together to lay the groundwork for production of the modules and have already created and tested the first working prototype parts in a laboratory setting.

"Following endorsements from major automotive players, including sensor manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers, A-PHY has now achieved a second-source supply," said Gideon Kedem, SVP and Head of Automotive at Valens. "It is clear that the automotive ecosystem is coalescing around this standard and it is our joint belief that A-PHY will soon become the dominant connectivity solution in cars around the world."

"The automotive market is racing towards standardization, and A-PHY is far and away the leading connectivity solution," said Insoo Ryu, VP, Head of the Automotive Components & Electronics Business Division at LG Innotek. "LG Innotek's SiP modules will be at the forefront of A-PHY-based technological innovation. We're proud to partner with Valens, an early pioneer of A-PHY technology, to bring these modules to market."