Nova Introduces Revolutionary Inline SIMS Solution

REHOVOT, Israel, Dec. 8, 2021 - Nova (Nasdaq: NVMI) announced today the launch of Nova METRION®, the latest addition to its materials metrology portfolio, targeting the process control of 3D logic and memory semiconductor devices. The newly introduced technology enables advanced materials profile measurements by bringing secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) into semiconductor production lines. Following multiple tool installations, Nova is expected to recognize revenues from this product in the fourth quarter of 2021.

As the industry increases its reliance on materials engineering to improve performance and scale, there is a greater need to monitor and control advanced materials with accurate repeatability and high precision. Traditionally, SIMS has been used to generate depth profiles of materials composition, exclusively limited to a laboratory environment. With Nova METRION® customers can incorporate SIMS into inline fabrication nodes, advancing materials process control capabilities that previously weren't available for high-volume manufacturing.

Nova's METRION® system is designed from the ground up for high volume manufacturing environment, seamlessly integrating wafer-level analysis into an automated factory workflow and eliminating the need to send wafer coupons to external laboratory. The system comprises a novel detection technology that allows simultaneous acquisition of multiple material species. In combination with advanced ion source and optic components, the system is capable of addressing a wide range of applications. Nova METRION® provides quantitative and actionable results on depth profiling of compositional information with high-depth resolution and precision. This breakthrough technology enables advanced process control of complex and critical multilayer films.

"This latest addition to our growing portfolio of advanced materials metrology solutions further cements our position as a leader in this market and expands our total addressable market," said Eitan Oppenhaim, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nova. "We continue to bring breakthrough innovations to process control, offering our customers the critical ability to increase yield and shorten time-to-market in the most advanced technology nodes."