Real Intent Made Two Significant Announcements

Two significant announcements were done by Real Intent recently.

Verix CDC, Real Intent’s revolutionary first-to-market multimode CDC sign-off solution

** Read the full interview with Real Intent CEO, Dr. Prakash Narain Here **

The tool enables an efficient sign-off-quality multimode CDC verification.
Built on proprietary static intent verification technology, Verix CDC can interpret clock and clock relationship intent. It can automatically deduce exclusive clock-modes, and exclusive clock-regions in the design. It also automatically understands the underlying CDC intent in multimode to provide accurate and comprehensive results.

Verix CDC only requires a single setup, even with multiple possible modes in the design. Based on this setup, Verix CDC analyzes the design with a holistic view of all the modes in the design. After the analysis is done, the tool ensures that only one violation is reported for one CDC issue in the design, even though the problem may be present in more than one mode in the design. This provides an unprecedented runtime and productivity boost for multimode designs, saving weeks of sign-off effort. It also ensures that when a CDC issue is fixed for one mode, the user doesn’t have to iterate through all the other modes to see how they are affected.

Unique CDC methodology with hierarchical modeling

There are hierarchical CDC solutions in the market place, and they work with a totally abstracted black box, but Real Intent allows CDC analysis without compromise on accuracy or debug. Real Intent already has the capacity to do a billion-gate CDC flat, this new unique methodology allows Real Intent to do billion-gate hierarchically.

  • Fastest and Ultimate Capacity – Full SoC analysis done fast
  • Multiple Runs for top level verification per day
  • Manifold productivity gain as only SoC level and integration related CDC issues reported
  • Comprehensive CDC Analysis
  • Hierarchical consistency, configuration checks for complete sign-off
  • Transparent Hierarchical Model Based