Real Intent to Exhibit at ARM Tech Symposia 2017 in Taiwan Next Week

Real Intent will exhibit its product families during the ARM Tech Symposia “Architect the Possible” in Hsinchu, Taiwan on Friday, November 2, 2017. The company will showcase Verix CDC for advanced multimode sign-off verification and its Ascent™ and Meridian™ products for accelerating sign-off.

Mr. Bo Gu, Application Engineering Manager at Real Intent, will also give a presentation, “Is multimode static RTL sign-off a myth?” on Thursday, November 2nd during the Symposia. The presentation will focus on the possibilities for making RTL signoff a reality and ways to save design teams time and effort with dramatically fewer iterations.

Product Focus:

The company’s advanced verification solutions accelerate the chip time-to-market using its proven static verification technologies designed for accuracy, capacity and user-experience.
· Verix CDC is a complete multimode clock-domain crossing (CDC) sign-off solution for RTL designs. It provides one-step analysis and debug of all operating modes in an IC, and boosts productivity for SoC and FPGA design teams.
· Ascent products drastically reduce verification closure cycle time by finding elusive bugs and getting rid of sources of uncertainty that are difficult to uncover using traditional dynamic verification methodology.
· Meridian products accelerate design sign-off using most comprehensive clock domain crossings and timing constraints verification in IPs and SoC designs. Meridian CDC is the market leading CDC verification tool with unmatched performance and capacity, best accuracy and highest sign-off productivity.
· iDebug provides an intuitive debug user experience that is universal across all Real Intent tools. It includes an integrated visualization capability, iVision, that provides design source browser, schematic and waveform visualization.

Thursday, November 2, 2017
Ambassador Hotel
Hsinchu City, Taiwan ROC