Truechip Announces First Customer Shipment of CXL Verification IP

Bengaluru, 25 th September 2019: Truechip, the Verification IP Specialist, today announced that it has shipped early adoption version of Compute Express Link (CXL) Verification IP.

This announcement of the new VIP coincides with the commencement of DVCON India 2019.

On this occasion, Nitin Kishore, CEO, Truechip, said, “CXL VIP is a very significant addition to our existing wide ranging Verification IP Portfolio”.

“CXL is a new interconnect for device connectivity, which aims to remove bottlenecks between CPU and high bandwidth devices or memory subsystems, such as accelerators with large memory (graphics cards, GPUs based accelerator devices), memory extension devices and accelerators without much memory (NIC, FPGA based devices)”, said Nitin. He further added “CXL acts as an efficient interconnect between the CPU and workload accelerators to enable high-speed communications, which is the vital need of emerging applications such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With the release of CXL Verification IP, our goal is to enable designers to efficiently verify the latest accelerator devices and subsystems."

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Saurabh Agarwal, Head, Marketing & Sales, Truechip said, “At Truechip,
we believe that constant innovation and expansion is the key to success and the CXL VIP shipment is one
such illustration. Today we are known in the industry for providing aggressive support and customization
to our customers to augment their VIP usage."

CXL VIP Major Features:

  • Support for all three CXL protocols i.e.,, CXL.cache, CXL.mem and device types to meet specific application requirements.
  • Support for ARB/MUX Link Management Packets (ALMPs) for power state transition requests.
  • Support for dynamic masking of error for all the layers.
  • Support for callbacks for changing flit packing algorithm as per user requirement.
  • Built-in test suites, sequences, checks and coverage for all link configurations up to 16 lanes and 32 GT/s data rates.