Truechip Announces Shipping of Performance Aanlyzer Tool Kit TO AAROH LABS

Noida & Bengaluru, June 10, 2020 - Truchip, the Verification IP Specialist, today announced that it has shipped the commercial version of performance analyzer kit to its customer Aaroh Labs.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Girish Gaikwad, CEO at Aaroh Labs said, “Truechip’s performance analyzer tool kit has helped us to avoid manual calculations of various latencies and has reduced overall time in performance calculation and optimization. Performance tool kit provides us with latencies, bus utilization, bandwidth utilization and maximum data information. We have observed accurate latency numbers for each transaction."

Speaking on the occasion, Nitin Kishore, CEO at Truechip said, “This exciting milestone is another testimony of our belief in continuous innovation. The Performance analyzer tool kit is available for all Truechip’s VIPs such as PCIe, Networking, AMBA, Memory, Storage, Automotive, etc. This will be very helpful not only to verification and architecture teams, who want to check latencies and hopping latencies at different points of the chip, but also for the IP Teams and IP companies who want to optimize their IP designs for maximum bus/ bandwidth utilization.”

“Truechip’s Performance Analyzer tracks the transaction level information driven on the protocol interface, providing bus utilization and bandwidth utilization efficiently along with programmable options. Bus transactions are visualized in the form of flow charts for improved readability. Latency numbers are shown for each of the transactions happening over the bus.” Mr. Kishore further added.

“It is a delighted moment for Truechip as we are the only IP verification company in the world providing performance analyzer tool kit, which provides latencies, bus utilization and bandwidth utilization across distinguished protocols families. Today Truechip is known in the industry for providing aggressive support and customization to our customers to augment their VIP usage,” said Saurabh Agarwal, Head-Marketing & Sales at Truechip.