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Dan Bloom

Dan Bloom

Is the news page on your company website up-to-date?

Leading companies typically make this a top priority.  That’s because they know a fundamental truth… 

Press releases show the world that a company is alive. 

A crucial element in any product life cycle, the launch campaign has a dramatic impact on the way that your company and its offering are received by the market.

An Israeli-based high-tech company recently approached me for advice. They are preparing to launch a new product within the next two months and they want maximum exposure for minimum cost.  They want to bring a mass audience to their web site.  They want attention from customers, partners and investors.

Many in the semiconductor industry find themselves in a similar situation on a regular basis.

Below is a brief outline of a simple 8-week launch campaign that can be used as a guide to gain maximum exposure for any company, product or service.

Week 1
Refining messaging – development of key messages, talking points, FAQs, and “rude Qs”
Media mapping – designation of audiences, determination of key members of each audience, gathering contact info
Week 2
Content & materiel generation – development of news release/s, article/s, blog posts, email template, phone “script”, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, Twitter profile, etc.
More media mapping – as necessary
Week 3
Long-lead outreach – pitching “the story” under embargo to key “thought leaders” and major media
Week 4
Mid-lead outreach – key vertical/industry “thought leaders” and trade media
Week 5
Short-lead “key media” outreach – blogs of key vertical/industry “thought leaders”
Week 6
Short-lead mass outreach – general online media, blogs and forums
Week 7 (Launch)
“Grassroots” launch – mass exposure using email lists, web 2.0, and viral dissemination
Week 8 (post-launch)
Re-spin – Leveraging coverage to gain additional coverage
Follow up - fostering ongoing relationship with key thought leaders, leveraging coverage for biz dev, partnerships and sales

By Dan Bloom

26 April 2009

I have a hard time remembering jokes, but one I’ve heard has stayed with me for years…

An American, a Bangladeshi and an Israeli were shopping together at the supermarket. Arriving at the meat department, they saw a sign:

I just got back from taking some time off.
During the break, I had the rare opportunity to conduct some “serious marketing research” on the subject of vacation.
Now back in the office, I am happy to report that it’s possible to “have your cake and eat it, too!” In addition to providing the time to enjoy the finer things in life, vacation can have a positive impact on your marketing efforts.
Here are some ways you can leverage your next vacation for maximum marketing mileage:

(In this short article, I suggest some tips for saving you and your company from the online graveyard of stagnant websites).

Stale.  Tired.  Dead.  Nobody plans for their website to be characterized as such, but, as they say, shit happens…