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Emmanuel Gresset

Emmanuel Gresset

Emmanuel Gresset is a Business Development Director in CEVA Wireless BU.

In 2015, the ITU set about planning the target goals for 5G to address the deficiencies of 3G and 4G standards that are in use today. In addition to vastly improving the existing cellular voice and mobile broadband capabilities of these network standards, the ITU listed a number of goals to address several new needs driven by:

  • The huge increase of data volume (x1000)
  • The massive increase of the number of connected devices (x10-100)
  • The large diversity of use cases and their performance requirements
    • x10-x100 typical user data rate
    • x10 longer battery life for machine to machine communication
    • x5 reduced end-to-end latency

Let’s take a closer look at these new use-cases which have ignited the design of the upcoming 5G standard, and consider the promises, as well as the challenges ahead.

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