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Eran Belaish

Eran Belaish

Eran Belaish is Product Marketing Manager of CEVA’s audio and voice product line.

As virtual assistants become more intelligent, our expectations from them become increasingly higher. Now that simple voice commands are practically taken for granted, deep learning is enabling more complex interactions, like contextual conversations and emotion detection. In my previous column, I reviewed the drawbacks and missing features of currently prevalent voice interfaces. But those kinks and quirks are on the verge of elimination. In this article, I’ll be looking forward to tomorrow’s voice interfaces and the technologies that will enable them.

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Sometimes it’s easy to forget that a smartphone is also a telephone. With all the fantastic functions and features, somehow people have grown accustomed to the occasional dropped syllable and garbled sounds that make us repeat ourselves time and again. A recent article in Scientific American suggests that the fault is with the service providers. It’s true that bandwidth is definitely a factor, but even when there is a relatively good connection, throw in a noisy environment like a coffee shop or morning traffic and communication starts to break down. A new approach to old problems – with the help of deep neural networks – may make background noise a thing of the past….

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