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Maty Vaisman

Maty Vaisman

More than 600 professionals from over 100 companies attended SNUG Israel 2011, the traditional conference of Israel’s VLSI community. The Synopsys user group event took place on May 24th at Daniel Hotel in Herzelia.
The 11th annual Synopsys User Group Event (SNUG) will take place on May 24, 2011 at the Daniel hotel in Herzelia.

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Since the first event in 2000, SNUG Israel established itself as “the technical conference for techies”, the best place to share and learn from each other’s design and verification experience.  And it is also a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues and friends!

Over the years, SNUG Israel branded itself as one of the major events of the Israeli semiconductor and EDA industry. On May 25, 2010, SNUG Israel celebrated its 10th anniversary at the Daniel hotel in Herzelya, setting new records in turnout, program size and complexity.

On May 25th, 2010, at the Daniel Hotel in Herzelia, we celebrate a decade of SNUGs, the Synopsys User Group Conference - Click here to register.

It all started 10 years ago, in the spring of the year 2000, when you asked us why don’t we organize a user group like in other major semiconductor design global centers.  Sharing experiences is part of the hi-tech culture and Israel already had a large number of Synopsys users.