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Ohad Shvueli

Ohad Shvueli

Conference calls. Can’t live without ‘em. Can’t stand ‘em. Once touted as the solution to all our business travel hazards, productivity improvements and cost-effectiveness initiatives, we’re now all demeaning ourselves daily trying to overcome this over-rated technology that totally disregards natural phenomena like time zones which are not meant to be ignored. Remember how the fax machine first and the internet later were proclaimed as the “paperless office” technologies….?

This week I experienced a brutal reminder of what traveling around the Spring break can mean. Fog in San Francisco, not an uncommon weather pattern mind you, usually means planes don’t land or takeoff on time (how appropriate for this town to be so easily debilitated by some hot air derivatives), which in turn typically means you’re likely to miss any connection you have waiting for you at the other end.

Recently I took my family for vacation to Costa Rica. As we were driving through the winding, narrow, sometimes paved sometimes not so much, mostly cloud shrouded roads, as we were taking in the raw beauty of the wilderness reigning large in this rough country, it occurred to me –

So here’s what I don’t quite understand, and am reaching out here for ideas, explanations, hints even for setting this dilemma straight for me.
Two equally rapidly growing trends, in seemingly directly opposing directions, are becoming more and more evident in recent years. The one is to do with the way we’re using technology daily in more mobile and, more to my point, more public spaces.