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Olivier Coudert

Olivier Coudert

Cadence unveiled EDA360 in April. Now that I found the time to read its 28-pages white paper, I can finally comment on it.

EDA360, John Bruggeman’s brainchild, is a manifesto that promotes a vision for the future of EDA. In a nutshell, it states the following:

* So far EDA has been providing the tools to IC creators: design, implement, and verify ICs.
* With the development cost of 32nm SoC reaching $100M, only a handful of semiconductor companies will still create ICs in the next future.
* With modern consumer electronics fueled by apps-based model, electronic design is moving from a hardware-first to a software-centric industry.
* Future SoC will be designed top-down, with software and apps requirements driving the integrations of IPs, DSPs, GPUs, CPUs and cores (ARM, MIPS, x86, etc).
* EDA needs to provide the environment for integrating and optimizing software and hardware resources.