Are You Satisfied With Your Smartphone Camera?

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02 August 2016

I sometimes find myself staring at pictures taken with my smartphone, unable to believe they were taken with such a small and mobile device. Clearly the days of compact cameras are gone (we are really only left with professional DSLRs these days), but are we finished with mobile imaging innovation? In other words, are you satisfied with your smartphone camera??

Yes, we have witnessed immense progress in recent years with the performance of our smartphone cameras. Yes, they now typically carry a 13Mpixel image sensor that would not be imaginable 10 years ago. And yes, the quality of the images we manage to produce with our smartphones is overall good. But is that it? Or did we just get used to the inherent limitations of our smartphone cameras??

For example, when was the last time you got a really good shot in a low light setting? Or better yet, when was the last time you zoomed in with your smartphone camera and got a satisfying result? One that is not over pixelated or distorted.

All that is about to change soon. Real soon. Now that the Mpixel race is mostly over and other sensor innovations are mostly incremental, OEMs are turning to add an additional image sensor to enhance these camera features. Dual sensors would clearly get your smartphone some meaningful depth information, more light (enhancing low-light scenes), and even the ability to zoom properly.

We’ve already witnessed some early trials by smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei, HTC and LG, trying to wet their feet in the deep waters of dual cameras. And if recent rumors turn true, we’ll be seeing the iPhone7 carrying dual sensors in September. You can only imagine how this will affect the rest of the industry and where will this go from here..

Clearly the opportunities of dual cameras abound, but so are the challenges. Luckily the guys at Corephotonics have been active in this field for 4 years now. I cannot tell you much more at this stage, but do expect some big news soon. I am extremely excited to join the team at Corephotonics, THE experts when it comes to dual cameras. With their help, we’re going to witness a giant leap in mobile imaging, a step beyond our imagination.

Eran Briman

Eran Briman is VP Marketing and Business Development, Corephotonics