4 Fast & Easy Ways to Revitalize Your Online Marketing Efforts

Posted by  08 June 2010

(In this short article, I suggest some tips for saving you and your company from the online graveyard of stagnant websites).

Stale.  Tired.  Dead.  Nobody plans for their website to be characterized as such, but, as they say, shit happens…

Thousands of websites in the country, across all business segments, are languishing in states of inactivity.  Suffering slow, embarrassingly painful deaths, these websites passively display obsolete information, old news, dead links and worse to audiences across the world.

With recent studies showing that the corporate website is the main point of marketing information exchange, why would any responsible organization let this neglect occur?

Given the rapid pace of business, combined with the increasing demands of this “leaner and meaner” economy, it’s no wonder that the situation isn’t worse.

But, with tight budgets and even tighter schedules, what can be done?

4 Fast & Easy Solutions

1.  Update (or remove) the “Events” page on your website – If you are not able to keep your “Events” page up-to-date, then remove it.  Few things are worse than a neglected “Events” page, which shows that your company lives in the past, doesn’t pay attention to detail and that you don’t give a damn.

2.  Publish news releases – News (or “Press”) releases are a cheap and easy ways to show your customers, partners, personnel and investors that your company is not dead.  By publishing at least one announcement each month, you create “newsflow” that shows the world that you are alive. This newsflow is a good source of fresh, regular content for your website and typically gives people positive things to say about your company.

3.  Blog – Everybody, including your competition, is blogging.  Why not you?!?  Blogging helps to show the human side of your company.  It’s virtually free, fast and personal.  If done properly, blogging shows that you care and that you are a player in the industry. Blogging may even help your company and you to increase responsiveness to customers and other key audiences.

4.  QA for dead links on your website – When was the last time that you surfed through your own website?!?  Your website is typically one of your first points of contact with the outside world.  Oftentimes, first impressions about your company (and you) are formed while people are surfing through your website.  A little quality assurance (QA) at least once each week can help you to ensure that your website is not an embarrassing mess and that it’s functioning properly.  Check your website regularly for dead links and other malfunctions.  You’d be surprised what can occur if you’re not watching, and, you never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression!

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