From Farming to Technology, Innovation in Europe

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15 August 2017

Horizon2020 has opened many high-tech lines in 2014, following these type of ideas, and now puts large funds into technology in European countries to improve the economy and innovation, helping to bring companies from outside into the EU and developing the local innovation process.

In 2008 Stefan Stanescu took over the 50% of the farm owned by his father, in the south of Romania, 3500 hectares, to be exact. By 2013, Stefan had grown the farm, with the help of Comsa Business & Solutions, a company based in Romania specializes in applying for European Union and national funds.

The story becomes interesting when Stefan started searching for an innovative solution to control and improve the production in the farms. He looked around in various technological solutions for agriculture, but could not find “the whole package” a way to view and get informed of all his plantations, from rapeseed and sunflower, to pees and corn, to
controlling his 20 combiners and tractors, spread over 8 villages.

After realizing he would have to put his own plan into motion, he contacted Comsa’s Business & Solutions, technological advisors, and they advised him according to his business plan and working plan how to raise the required funds from the European union to create the App – AgriSo.

The App is based on innovative technology and helps to control all that is happening in farms. With the advisory and guidance of Comsa’s Business & Solutions he won the EU funds for this project.

By the end of 2014, The app has been used on the entire land, improving the fuel consumption of the tractors by 22%, aiding in fuel waste prevention, and raising the level of data about the ground and growth, by being connected to various satellite data suppliers. These results led the neighboring farms to inquire about the project and the possibilities,
creating a pivot in AgriSo’s strategy, turning it into a SAS company, catering to various agricultural projects.

About three years down the line, AgriSo is used in over 60,000 Hectares in Romania alone, and growing quickly, using it’s 10 people team to improve the product and expand into other places.

AgriSo is now starting its first steps in Ireland and South-Africa, after winning several awards in Dubai, Ireland, and South-African technological and agricultural conferences.

About Comsa (more info here)
Comsa Business & Solutions specializes in tracking the appropriate projects, identifying project requirements and potential and implementing requests for HORIZON2020.

With a team of over 80 expert advisors working with different projects, the company is the leading advisor for Horizon2020. In the past 9 years, Comsa has helped raise over 400 projects ranging in value between 500,000€ and 48mil€ from the ground up with a flawless success rate, and have facilitated financing of over 600mil€ in projects that are currently raising the economy, innovation, and employment faculties within the European Union.

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Shachar Silbert

Business Development & Strategy, Comsa