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13 November 2009
Hi Everyone. My name is Alberto Burger, and I’m the VP of Operations in PrimesSense.
When Semisrael Web site started, Tal asked me to open a blog about IC's reliability. I decided that it is really too boring to do so, so we settle by doing a blog about biking. Not just biking, but mountain biking.

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I returned last Thursday night from a 2 weeks trip in China, so on Friday morning, in spite of being tired from the trip, I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather with no so heavy rain, and go for a 20km biking in the area. After 2 weeks of air pollution, I enjoyed every second. This time of the year, I strongly recommend coming to the lower Galilee. Great single tracks, lots of green and the mud were not too bad.
Started from Alon Hagalil down to “Nahal Zippori”, and climbing the surrounding hills all the way to Zippori national park. Enjoy!

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