Intelligent Design Challenges for Automotive Engineers

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20 August 2015

With an estimated 2020 market of $60bn and a CAGR of almost 23% between now and then, ADAS is becoming the new sweetheart of the automotive industry, driving most of the innovation within this enormous ecosystem. No surprise we face announcements and future product introductions almost on a daily basis, including the recent news about Google opening its very own car company, Uber making bold moves towards the Robot Taxi future and GM sponsoring the newly opened MCity Facility in Detroit.

Recently Strategy Analytics published a presentation “Vision-Based ADAS: Seeing the Way Forward” by Ian Riches. There are few interesting statements over there and I encourage you to have a look at it. See the below slide showing the importance of ADAS.

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Eran Briman

Eran Briman is VP Marketing and Business Development, Corephotonics