A Decade of SNUGs - The Technical Conferences for Techies

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11 May 2010

On May 25th, 2010, at the Daniel Hotel in Herzelia, we celebrate a decade of SNUGs, the Synopsys User Group Conference - Click here to register.

It all started 10 years ago, in the spring of the year 2000, when you asked us why don’t we organize a user group like in other major semiconductor design global centers.  Sharing experiences is part of the hi-tech culture and Israel already had a large number of Synopsys users.

SNUG papers - the user experience contributions - are the centerpiece of the conference.
We soon discovered enthusiastic users ready to share. Synopsys was equally excited to organize the conference and in December 11th,  2000, the first SNUG came to life with a simple program: one track, four user papers, two tutorials and a keynote. 135 people attended and had very positive feedback: “Great conference, do it again next year!”

The conference grew year after year, more and more papers were presented, more topics discussed, more people attended. Over the decade, 123 papers were presented. The last SNUGs were attended by more than 500 people, and in the past ten years over 3000 users shared their experiences at the conferences. SNUG Israel branded itself as a major event of the Israeli semiconductor and EDA industry.

SNUG is a technical conference for techies, and over the years it kept and developed its technical flavor. Valuable good and sometimes bad experiences were shared among Synopsys users in a constructive and professional atmosphere.

SNUG Israel is driven by a Technical Committee of experienced engineers from the local semiconductor industry. In the past it was chaired by David Dahan and Ori Chalak; Eran Arad of Trident is the user chairman since 2008.  Davidi, Ori, Eran and the entire technical committee make a significant impact on the conference content and quality and we are grateful for their leadership.

This year’s SNUG conference on May 25th offers a complex program, covering verification, FPGA design, prototyping in hardware and software, a design productivity track with tips, tricks and flows, important updates on latest DC and ICC releases, an analog mixed-signal track and IP track about HDMI, low power design ware and DDR. All this will be presented in over 20 papers, presentations and 15 tutorials. For the first time, this year’s SNUG features vision sessions in verification, synthesis and AMS domains. There will be also a session about IT infrastructure in the EDA world, as well as a Custom Designer workshop and contest.

Hard to believe SNUG is already 10 years old and the bar mitzvah looks closer! Time goes by so fast and we are living in exciting and challenging times. A big, big thanks to the 200 SNUG authors and contributors of the decade! Let’s all meet again on May 25th for the big celebration!

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