SNUG Israel celebrated its 10th anniversary

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21 June 2010

Over the years, SNUG Israel branded itself as one of the major events of the Israeli semiconductor and EDA industry. On May 25, 2010, SNUG Israel celebrated its 10th anniversary at the Daniel hotel in Herzelya, setting new records in turnout, program size and complexity.

Deirdre Hanford, senior VP of Global Technical Services (GTS) kicked off the program with an exciting keynote, weaving in layers of ancient history, modern computerized archeology and Israeli hi-tech and chips using Synopsys’ latest solutions. Shlomit Weiss, of Intel Israel, continued with another exciting keynote, opening a window into Intel’s microprocessor history and challenges.
Over 600 people from more than 100 companies took part in SNUG Israel 2010. The complex program featured eight parallel tracks, 18 sessions, 20 user papers and presentations, 20 tutorials, and a DFM panel.  The program covered areas of high interest for the VLSI community and Synopsys users: verification, prototyping from FPGA to system, design productivity, Design Compiler and IC Compiler updates, Custom Design solutions and updates, an IT perspective for the EDA industry and a full IP track.

New this year:  Custom Designer Workshop and Contest
This year’s SNUG Israel highlight was the Custom Designer workshop and contest. In the spirit of the Soccer World Cup, “players” from various companies had 90 minutes to achieve certain goals in the custom design domain, by running Customer Designer and adjacent tools. The contest stirred lot of interest, fun and great feedback for Synopsys’ custom design solution.

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