Redefining Electronic Design Automation, an IC Perspective

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17 December 2020

In January, Mentor will become Siemens EDA and this is exciting news for our EDA customers. Siemens enables us to bring high levels of investment in research and development, to build new products, and to acquire best-in-class electronic design companies. Mentor has always pioneered digitalization of electronic design and Siemens brings world-class digitalization to big systems like planes, automobiles, factories, and cities. Connecting electronic design to big systems is the vision for our customers.

Around the globe almost every industry is redefining themselves through digitization. And, as you know, the IC is the heart of digitalization.

If you look at the business press these days, it’s rare to not see a mention of digitalization, digital world, digital enterprise, or the digitalization of everything. And I think that’s because companies are looking to leverage semiconductor technology to change their business models, logistics, and finance, driving an incredible opportunity for the semiconductor landscape. Whether it’s startups or large system houses creating internal design teams, we are seeing new players in the IC design market every day and it’s clear that will drive tremendous growth in the EDA business.

One way to see this is to take a look at the forecasting for data traffic which shows a 400X increase over the next few years. Whether the end market is a product in the gaming, video, IoT, automotive, or medical sectors, those markets are projected to be larger than the entire data traffic today!

It’s an amazing opportunity because that data needs to be processed and transmitted and those systems all rely on semiconductors.

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Joe Sawicki

Executive Vice President of IC-EDA for Siemens EDA