Seeing the Future with Computer Vision

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09 June 2016

The Internet of Things began to mature in 2016 and we started to see evidence of how technology can help us to engage more powerfully with our world. By allowing machines, sensors and technologies to communicate intelligently through shared data it is becoming clear just how valuable IoT technologies might be across a variety of sectors. Home automation is one of the first things people think of but our attention can just as easily turn to smart agriculture, automated office management and remote monitoring and maintenance of vehicles and assets. Another high profile area generating headlines this year has been connected vehicles because of the technological challenges that must be addressed before autonomous cars can be unleashed onto the streets. Vision is one critical factor; your car needs to be able to identify all road hazards as well as navigating from A to B. So, how can a car achieve that in an often over-crowded highway space?

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Jem Davies

Fellow and Vice President of Technology, ARM