Am I the only one to spot this? NXP Has a Socket win in the iPad!

Posted by  03 February 2010

In all the hype since yesterday about the iPad, and the screen shots from the Apple video showing the app's processor, leading to speculation about whether it is designed by PASemi or not, or whether it has an ARM A7, A8, or A9 core; or whether it was fabbed by Samsung or not, nobody has commented on the other chip that was in view.  I've shown it below in our screen shot from the Apple video - if you squint, you can see the NXP logo upside-down on the outlined part:


So it appears that the one solid piece of information we have so far about the innards of the iPad is that NXP have got a socket win, likely for a power management part.  NXP had chips in the first iPhone, and in later products, so this continues their presence in the Apple BOM listing.

The other bit of information that you can infer from the image is that the processor package doesn't look like the package-on-package stack used for the processors + DRAM in iPhones and iPod Touch players up until now.  I guess in the iPad there's enough real estate for separate DRAM chips, so that bit of extra expense isn't needed.

Now we wait for a real one to tear down!

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