Analysis of the Apple iPhone 4

Posted by  11 July 2010

Past public teardowns on Apple mobile devices from Chipworks and others, have tended to focus on the lack of state-of-the-art silicon. They pointed to Apple's success as a result of good systems integration and a holistic experience. While this presented headline-worthy analysis, it downplayed the importance of the truly amazing semiconductor innovation.

Chipworks goes inside what makes the iPhone 4 so amazingly cool - and it isn't just the great new role playing app you just installed off the app store.

The acute iPhone 4 shortages caused us no end of pain as we had buyers lined-up in Japan, New York, and California only to get it two days before the proposed launch date here in North America. This initial look is a basic teardown (in partnership with iFixit), without die-level analysis of all the key chips. But more is to come, so register now to be updated.
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Apple iPhone 4 A4 Microprocessor

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