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Posted by  19 October 2010

It’s “sweeps season” in the processor marketing wars, and it will be interesting to see which architecture comes out on top of the pundits and analysts ratings game. Of course, in the entertainment world, the ratings sweeps measure actual programming uptake by the viewing audience. In processors, it’s a little tougher, as many of the cores being announced in this fall launch season won’t be seen in production for a couple of quarters to a couple of years.

This delay leads to a great deal of convenient mythology based on a lack of data and creative marketing by the competition. What do I mean by “convenient mythology?” Well, everyone knows that ARM cores deliver lower power, right? In reality, the answer is actually, “No—often not!” Likewise, Intel’s latest, greatest CPU offerings must deliver the best performance, right? Again, the answer is, “It depends—and usually not when embedded constraints are taken into account.”

In the microcontroller space, these myths are often even more tightly held and widely accepted based on conventional wisdom. In order to shed a little light on the subject, MIPS’ marketing and applications team, working closely with one of the most successful MCU companies in the world, Microchip Technology, has developed a white paper which disabuses some of the most prevalent notions. You can find the white paper here, and you will see it published on a variety of websites.

In my next blog post, I’ll move on from myths to metaphors—an irreverent look at some recent competitive announcements.

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