yieldHUB : Truly Collaborative Yield Management

Posted by  09 January 2013

A modern Yield Management System (YMS) needs to support teams of engineers often located in
different continents working together to quickly make decisions which will stand the test of time.
Critical members of the team could be in the foundry.
MFG Vision Ltd has developed a product called yieldHUB which simplifies such co-operation and
collaboration, both within a company and with foundries. It supports real-time decision making,
thus accelerating the enhancement of yield, quality and reliability.

The Technology
First of all, any YMS system has to have standard tools for yield, bin and parametric analysis, including
comprehensive filters, interactivity and report generation including dashboards across Fab, Wafer Sort and
Final Test at a minimum. Advanced tools such as reticle analysis are key these days and should be
available. The user should never have to concern themselves with the raw data, STDF or otherwise.
Secondly, although desk-top tools are still in widespread use, for collaboration and convenience for the
modern engineer, a web-based approach is ideal. No downloads of data should be required to generate
charts and tables or to share insights across cubicles or continents. Imagine having to solve a yield issue if
you had to download gigabytes of data first? No need any more. The data should be available on-line and
from wherever you are, and securely, just like on-line banking.
Thirdly, the system should be simple to use and fast. It should integrate with email should there be
unexpected yield, bin or parametric issues in remote manufacturing, or even to automatically send updates
on a lot or program on your watch-list.

The Next Level in Collaboration
Facebook, Gmail and LinkedIn show-case what is possible on the web. yieldHUB includes concepts adopted
from such social networking and on-line email technology to really enhance the productivity of teams.
Users can “follow” products and test programs. They can “comment” on a product’s “wall” and add debug
information to tests. A problematic test or bin will build up an on-line history of comments and charts. So, for
example, with this commenting system in place, the next time a bin 5 appears for a product, whoever is
supporting it will know from previous comments that it’s more than likely a assembly drift issue. This could
potentially cut the time to make fixes from days (or weeks) to hours (or minutes).
A company can add access control so foundries can use yieldHUB only seeing what they need to see. Every
user can “label” data, with almost instant label Vs label analysis provided (e.g. corner wafers Vs nominal
wafers). Also, when a user logs into the system, they will only see what interests them without any need to

A new approach to YMS is now available. It promises to transform engineering productivity through
innovative application of the best of web technology and collaborative tools. Currently the
technology is being beta tested by customers of MFG Vision Ltd in Israel, the UK and the USA.

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