The New CEVA-XM6 Powered Vision Platform Is Here; Prepare to See Things Differently

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29 September 2016

It’s no secret that CEVA has been pushing the envelope for over a decade to make intelligent machine vision a viable possibility in mass market embedded devices. With four generation of successful, widely adopted DSP cores behind us, including the award-winning CEVA-XM4, we have established our position as the industry leader in low-power, high-performance programmable IP imaging and vision engines.

Today, we are especially excited to unveil our fifth generation imaging and vision platform, delivering unprecedented performance thanks to cutting edge enhancements and innovations. Based on the new CEVA-XM6 DSP core, our latest platform makes it easier, faster, and lower-risk than ever to efficiently harness the power of neural networks and machine vision for smartphones, autonomous vehicles, surveillance, robots, drones and other camera-enabled smart devices.

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Liran Bar

Director of Product Marketing, CEVA, Imaging & Vision DSP core product line.