Will iPhone 7 Finally Capture 3D Vision?

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27 August 2015

The trade media is abuzz with speculations that the iPhone 7 is going to incorporate 3D vision using dual rear-facing cameras and add depth-sensing capability for mapping out 3D environments and tracking body movements and facial expressions. The basis of these speculations are multiple 3D technology acquisitions that Apple has made during the past couple of years.

In April 2015, Apple snapped multi-sensor camera technology firm LinX Imaging for an estimated $20 million. LinX employed small cameras with multiple sensors to capture several images with the same push of the button and blended them into a single image. That allows the camera to capture the same image from slightly different angles which enables generating depth information. The end result for the user is the ability to focus the image on different areas or objects in the picture. This technology could even work well on video given enough processing power.

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Yair Siegel

Director of Product Marketing, Imaging & Vision, CEVA.