SemIsrael Chip Summit 2011

Venue: Green House, Tel Aviv (map)
Date: April 11, 2011
Time: 9:30AM - 14:30PM

SemIsrael Chip Summit:

The SemIsrael Chip Summit is the most prestigious event in Israel, hosting CEOs and C-level executives from Israeli semiconductors companies, Fabless and IDMs, and establishes a stage to discuss the challenges and opportunities for the industry, at the highest level.

SemIsrael Chip Summit is targeted to establish a unique networking environment and discussion platform to help participants unfold challenges and opportunities from all aspects -  Design, Technology, Manufacturing, Finance, Quality.

Summit Audience:
The Summit is hosting some 70-80 CEOs and C-level executives from Israeli semiconductors companies, Fabless and IDMs.

* Dr. Andrea Cuomo, EVP EMEA Region & Advanced Systems Technology General Manager of STM - “Semiconductor industry trends and Strategies"
* Chris Chi, SMIC CBO "China Semiconductor manufacturing trends and SMIC Strategic Positioning"
* Lezmi Gabriel, VP, European Sales of Synopsys: “Semiconductor and EDA: 25 years of valuable collaboration, and more to come”
* Dr. Fabio Gualandris, Corporate Vice President, Product Quality Excellence of STM - "Quality Excellence in Semiconductor industry"
* Aaron Mankovski - Managing General Partner - Pitango Venture Capital, Chairman – Israel High Tech Industry Association - "Israel's Semiconductors industry – a long lasting opportunity"

Panel Discussion: "Challenges for Israel Innovation and its Contribution to the Global Industry"
* Ofer Elyakim, CEO of DSPG
* Dr. Shlomo Markel, Vice President, Broadcom Corp, Office of the CTO
* Ori Bendori, General Partner, Carmel Ventures
* Chris Chi, SMIC CBO
* Ariel Maislos, President & Co-Founder, Anobit Technologies
Moderator: Amir Ben Artzi, Owner and Manager, Amir Ben Artzi Content & Media; EE Times Europe Rep