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Flex Logix is a supplier of embedded FPGA IP and software to enable SoC and MCU designers to implement blocks of reconfigurable RTL which can be reprogrammed at any time, including while in-system.

Flex Logix is venture backed, headquartered in Silicon Valley and managed by experienced executives in Semiconductor IP. Flex Logix technologists were recognized with the ISSCC Outstanding Paper Award in 2015 for some of the key technologies which enable us to achieve very high density similar to Xilinx FPGAs.

Our embedded FPGA cores are proven in TSMC28HPM/C and customers are in design of chips using our IP and using our software (the EFLX Compiler which translates your RTL into the configuration bits which program the core). Embedded FPGAs from 100 LUTs to 100K LUTs are achievable.

EFLX cores in TSMC40ULP are now in design and our roadmap is to do TSMC28HPC+ and TSMC16FF+ next.

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