Analog Design Technical Lead @ Inomize - 8-3-2020 Featured

Posted in IC Design
08 March 2020
Location: Netanya and Jerusalem

Job Description:

Analog Designer with background in chip design from analog system specification to silicon verification
In this position the technical lead will support the group manager on the following subjects:
- Analog design lead experience
- Specification of block and chip level
- Technical lead of a chip or block project
- Environment and tools know how
- Tools familiarity (virtuoso , DRC, LVS , parasitic extraction)
- Package design experience
- Process and manufacturing know how
- Lab work experience

Required Qualifications:

BSEE is mandatory, MSEE/PhD - advantage
Minimum 5 years hands on experience in analog design
Minimum 2 years’ experience in leading analog design team
Solid understanding of silicon design flow (design , verification, DRC, LVS , PEX and silicon validation)
Solid understanding of transistor device characteristics
Solid understanding of power, area and performance trade-off in mixed-signal designs
Design experience with Analog Front End, op-amp, switch-cap filter, continuous time filter, reference/bias generation
LDO, Data conversion ADC and DAC subsystem, High speed I/O design, etc.
Experience with advanced CMOS processes (45nm and below)
Solid understanding of packages and PCB modeling
Solid understanding of test procedures, ESD , LU
Solid understanding of high voltage design

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