Mobile Semiconductor

Corporate Headquarters

209 ½ First Ave South, Suite 300 Seattle, 98104, WA United States Phone: +1.408.461.7726 Fax: +1.206.971.7439 Corporate email

Israeli Office

Herzliya, Israel Sharon Chehover Phone: +972.52.5251795 Israeli email


Mobile Semiconductor offers silicon-proven SRAM compilers to generate Low Voltage, Ultra High Speed, Multi-Megabit and High Density memory architectures.

Mobile Semiconductor is the only memory compiler IP vendor delivering Low Voltage, High Density and Ultra High Speed SRAM compilers, Radiation Hardened embedded SRAMs as well as custom SRAM solutions. Configurable BIST Compilers are available for all SRAM products.

Founded in 2006, Mobile Semiconductor is a privately-held Seattle company whose executive team has decades of market-proven track records for delivering embedded memory compilers.

Mobile Semiconductor customers differentiate their products by using our application-optimized SRAMs to meet their high performance and ultra-low power product requirements. Leading aerospace and defense corporations use Mobile Semiconductor memories to solve soft-error-rate problems in space-based designs.